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Lars Levi Laestadius

Lars Levi Laestadius was a Swedish Sami pastor and administrator of the Swedish state Lutheran... more »

Laurence Skog

Laurence Edgar Skog is an American botanist who specializes on the flowering plant family... more »

Lauritz Kolderup Rosenvinge

Janus Lauritz Andreas Kolderup Rosenvinge was a Danish botanist and phycologist. He received his... more »

Lawrence Alexander Sidney Johnson

Lawrence Alexander Sidney Johnson, known as Lawrie Johnson, was an Australian taxonomic... more »

Léon Abel Provancher

Léon Abel Provancher was a Canadian Catholic parish priest and naturalist. He studied at the... more »

Leon C. Snyder

Dr. Leon C. Snyder was one of the founders of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum as well as a... more »

Léon Croizat

Leon Camille Marius Croizat was a French-Italian scholar and botanist who developed a synthesis... more »

Leonard Cockayne

Leonard Cockayne FRS is regarded as New Zealand's greatest botanist and a founder of modern... more »

Leonard John Brass

Leonard John Brass was an Australian and American botanist, botanical collector and explorer. He... more »

Leonard Plukenet

Leonard Plukenet was an English botanist, Royal Professor of Botany and gardener to Queen Mary... more »

Leonard Rodway

Leonard Rodway was an English-born Australian dentist and botanist. more »

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was an Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor,... more »

Leonhard Rauwolf

Leonhard Rauwolf was a German physician, botanist, and traveller. His main notability arises... more »

Leonhart Fuchs

Leonhart Fuchs, sometimes spelled Leonhard Fuchs, was a German physician and botanist. His chief... more »

Leonty Ramensky

Leonty Grigoryevich Ramensky was a Russian plant ecologist who conceived several important ideas... more »

Leopold Kny

Carl Ignaz Leopold Kny was a German botanist born in Breslau. He studied at Breslau, Munich and... more »

Leslie Holdridge

Professor Leslie Ransselaer Holdridge was an American botanist and climatologist. He was the son... more »

Leslie Pedley

Leslie Pedley is an Australian botanist who specialised in the genus Acacia. He is notable for... more »

Leslie R. Landrum

Leslie Roger Landrum is an American botanist serving as Senior Research Scientist at Arizona... more »

Lester W. Sharp

Lester Whyland Sharp was an American botanist, a pioneer in cytogenetics. He received a BS from... more »

Lewis David de Schweinitz

Lewis David de Schweinitz was a German-American botanist and mycologist. He is considered by... more »

Li-kuo Fu

Professor Li-kuo Fu worked for the Institute of Botany at the Chinese Academy of Sciences,... more »

Liberty Hyde Bailey

Liberty Hyde Bailey was an American horticulturist, botanist and cofounder of the American... more »

Lilian Gibbs

Lilian Suzette Gibbs was a British botanist who worked for the British Museum in London. She was... more »

Lindsay Pryor

Lindsay Dixon Pryor AO was an Australian botanist noted for his work on Eucalyptus taxonomy and... more »

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