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Allen Lowrie

Allen Lowrie is a West Australian botanist. He is recognised for his expertise on the genera... more »

Alphonse Pyramus de Candolle

Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyrame de Candolle was a French-Swiss botanist, the son of the Swiss... more »

Alvar Palmgren

Alvar Palmgren was a Finnish botanist and plant ecologist. Palmgren studied botany at the... more »

Alwin Berger

Alwin Berger was a German botanist best known for his contribution to the nomenclature of... more »

Alwyn Howard Gentry

Alwyn Howard Gentry was an American botanist and plant collector, who made major contributions... more »

Amédée-François Frézier

Amédée-François Frézier was a French military engineer, mathematician, spy, and explorer who is... more »

Anders Dahl

Anders Dahl was a Swedish botanist and student of Carolus Linnaeus. The dahlia flower is named... more »

Anders Jahan Retzius

Anders Jahan Retzius was a Swedish chemist, botanist and entomologist. more »

Anders Sandøe Ørsted

Anders Sandøe Ørsted, also written as Anders Sandoe Oersted or Anders Sandö Örsted was a Danish... more »

André Joseph Guillaume Henri Kostermans

Dr. André Joseph Guillaume Henri 'Doc' Kostermans was an Indonesian botanist of Dutch ancestry... more »

André Michaux

André Michaux, also spelled: Andrew Michaud, was a French botanist and explorer. He is most... more »

André Thouin

André Thouin was a French botanist born in Paris. His younger brother, Gabriel Thouin, was a... more »

Andrea Cesalpino

Andrea Cesalpino was an Italian physician, philosopher and botanist. In his works he classified... more »

Andreas Cleyer

Andreas Cleyer was a German physician, pharmacist, botanist, trader and Japanologist. more »

Andreas Franz Wilhelm Schimper

Andreas Franz Wilhelm Schimper was a botanist and phytogeographer who made major contributions... more »

Andreas Wistuba

Dr. Andreas Wistuba is a German taxonomist and botanist specialising in the carnivorous plant... more »

Andrés Laguna

Andrés Laguna de Segovia was a Spanish humanist physician, pharmacologist, and botanist. more »

Anna Atkins

Anna Atkins was an English botanist and photographer. She is often considered the first person... more »

Anna Schchian

Anna Semenovna Schchian was a Russian botanist, working in the Tbilisi Botanical Institute. She... more »

Anne Brewis

Lady Anne Brewis, daughter of Roundell Cecil Palmer, 3rd Earl of Selborne was an English... more »

Anne Casimir Pyrame de Candolle

Anne Casimir Pyrame de Candolle was a Swiss botanist, the son of Alphonse Pyrame de Candolle. He... more »

Annie Lorrain Smith

Annie Lorrain Smith was a British lichenologist whose Lichens was an essential textbook for... more »

Anthea Phillipps

Anthea Phillipps B.Sc. is a British botanist. Phillipps was brought up in Sabah, Borneo as a... more »

Anthony Lamb

Anthony L. Lamb M.A., Dip. Ag., D.T.A. is a British botanist, born in Sri Lanka in 1942, and... more »

Antoine de Jussieu

Antoine de Jussieu was a French naturalist. Jussieu was born in Lyon, the son of Christophe de... more »

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