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Heinrich Wydler

Heinrich Wydler was a Swiss botanist He spent the years 1826-27 on a collecting expedition to... more »

Heinrich Zollinger

Heinrich Zollinger was a Swiss botanist. Zollinger was born in Feuerthalen, Switzerland. From... more »

Heinz Brücher

Heinz Brücher was a member of special science unit SS Ahnenerbe, PhD in botany. In June 1943,... more »

Heinz Ellenberg

Heinz Ellenberg was a German biologist, botanist and ecologist. Ellenberg was an advocate of... more »

Helen Gwynne-Vaughan

Dame Helen Charlotte Isabella Gwynne-Vaughan, GBE was a prominent English botanist and mycologist. more »

Helen Sharsmith

Helen Katherine Myers Sharsmith was an American biologist. more »

Helmut Metzner

Helmut Metzner was an eminent plant physiologist, Professor of Biochemical Plant Physiology at... more »

Hendrik van Rheede

Hendrik Adriaan van Rheede tot Drakenstein was a military man and a colonial administrator of... more »

Hendrik van Rijgersma

Hendrik Elingsz van Rijgersma was a Dutch naturalist, physician, amateur botanist, malacologist... more »

Henri Cassini

Count Alexandre Henri Gabriel de Cassini was a French botanist and naturalist, who specialised... more »

Henri Dutrochet

René Joachim Henri Dutrochet was a French physician, botanist and physiologist. He is best known... more »

Henri Ernest Baillon

Henri Ernest Baillon was a French botanist and physician. He was born in Calais on November 30,... more »

Henri François Pittier

Henri François Pittier de Fabrega was a Swiss-born geographer and botanist. He graduated as an... more »

Henri-Louis Duhamel du Monceau

Henri-Louis Duhamel du Monceau, was a French physician, naval engineer and botanist. more »

Henrik Harpestræng

Henrik Harpestræng was a Danish botanical and medical author. He was a canon at the Roskilde... more »

Henry Chandler Cowles

Henry Chandler Cowles was an American botanist and ecological pioneer. A professor at the... more »

Henry Charles Andrews

Henry Charles Andrews, was an English botanist, botanical artist and engraver. He lived in... more »

Henry de Vilmorin

Charles Henry Philippe Lévêque de Vilmorin was a French botanist, the son of Pierre François... more »

Henry Deane

Henry Deane was an Australian engineer, responsible for electrifying the Sydney tramway system... more »

Henry Fletcher Hance

Henry Fletcher Hance was a British diplomat who devoted his spare time to the study of Chinese... more »

Henry George Smith

Henry George Smith was an Australian chemist whose pioneering work on the chemistry of the... more »

Henry Georges Fourcade

Henry Georges Fourcade, also known as Henri Georges Fourcade and sometimes Georges Henri... more »

Henry John Elwes

Henry John Elwes, FRS was a British botanist, entomologist, author, lepidopterist, collector and... more »

Henry Luke Bolley

Henry Luke Bolley was an American botanist and plant pathologist known for his work that led to... more »

Henry Nicholas Bolander

Henry Nicholas Bolander was a German-American botanist and educator. Bolander was born in... more »

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